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Market Dynamics:

Technology advances in light speed throughout the past decades, there are no killer products in most of the industry sectors. To differentiate a product, service has become a major winning factor. Nuflog is targeting to deliver the best in class service to make our client satified. We do not just deliver a specific product service, instead we deliver service innovative way as an end to end solution. We understand that our clients will need certain skillset at only certain period of time, peak spike of resource need in short term, urgent need with time crunch, skills that is not core competance of the company, do not have bandwidth to bear permanent employee liability, .... etc. That's where our service value will bring to our clients.

Nuflog's project base with pooled and managed resource and simple fee structure allow our clients to see exactly what accomplishing a deliverable will cost them without worrying about all the extra costs associated with hiring more employees. Hiring us saves our clients considerable amounts of money on both short-term and long-term projects. 

Nuflog is minority owned Washington State business certified by Northwest Minority Supplier Development Council.  


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